Classical Music

I’ve played many different instruments over the years in lots of different styles, but lately I’ve found myself back at my “roots” – classical piano. I’ve been studying for a level 8 piano exam that would allow me to officially teach piano. I am learning 3 different classical pieces (a Bach, Beethoven, and Debussy piece) plus a wide variety of scales and arpeggios. I love classical music, the discipline and clarity of it, and it’s bringing me back to the essence of music.

Music takes time and learning instruments yourself gives a much deeper appreciation. It seems that Classical music has gone out of fashion and most people think of it as an elitist form. I really don’t believe that is true, and it makes me sad that it’s not Classical that people hear walking around in their everyday lives. The closest is movie music, which is sometimes classical or more modern orchestral music.

Music education is indeed a worthy endeavor and I hope I will be able to make a contribution!

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