Oddly Suspicious
Suzanne Pass, c. 2003
All Song Lyrics

I am posting my album here for your listening enjoyment. The links are to download songs individually as MP3s in zip format, or you can listen from here. If you would like to use my music in any way, please contact me. I would love for someone else to sing my songs!

1. Oddly Suspicious
01 Oddly Suspicious.mp3

2. More’n’More
02 More ‘n’ More.mp3

3. Don’t Expect Much
03 Don’t Expect Much.mp3

4. Love at First Laugh
04 Love At First Laugh.mp3

5. Melt Away
05 Melt Away.mp3

6. Save Me
06 Save Me.mp3

7. One Voice
07 One Voice.mp3

8. What Would You Do?
08 What Would You Do_.mp3

9. A Crush
09 A Crush.mp3

10. Boring Talk
10 Boring Talk.mp3

11. You Take Too Much
11 You Take Too Much.mp3

12. I Hate Bass
12 I Hate Bass.mp3

13. Got My Shit Together
13 Got My Shit Together.mp3

14. Groovin’ in the Sound
14 Groovin’ In The Sound.mp3

15. Don’t Expect Much – Instrumental
15 Don’t Expect Much – Instrumental.mp3