Fun Quilt Exhibition

There is a quilt exhibition currently on in St. Patrick’s Hospital in Dublin through June 23, run by Modern Quilters Ireland (MQI). The official opening is next week on June 6. I’ve seen photos and I must say it truly looks Fun! Two years ago the MQI put a similar exhibition on with the theme of Happiness. It’s inspiring to see a quilt show displayed on the corridor walls in a hospital.

When I saw the quilt show two years ago, it was one of the first times I felt a sense of a deeper kind of community within a group of quilters. Several Quilt Bee quilts were on display, where everyone within the bee contributed specific blocks and the “queen bee” finished the quilt. I loved how the bee members went up to the quilts and pointed out which ones were their blocks. It inspired me to join the MQI Bee myself in 2015 and again this year in 2017, and now indeed I have contributed my first MQI Bee quilt to the Fun Exhibition. I look forward to meeting some of the MQI bee members who contributed to this quilt next week. This is my Christmas Bee quilt:


The other quilt I put into this show is one I finished specifically for Fun. I played with some stripey fabric and came up with this finished product. Clearly I find stripes fun! This is a baby sized quilt and I call it Fun With Stripes:

Quilt for Fun Exhibition

Quilt for Fun Exhibition

I learned two years ago that art does serve a purpose to brighten people’s lives, and quilts are indeed art. Quilting can bring people together. I look forward to the opening event next week!

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